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Imea foresees cotton production of 1.66 Mt of plume for 2020/21 in Mato Grosso

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

The seventh crop estimate released by Imea, brought about the consolidation of the cotton area in Mato Grosso and a consequent adjustment in the production forecast for the state. Thus, the total area was established at 942.37 hectares, with 135.89 thousand hectares expected for the cultivation of the first harvest, while 806.48 thousand hectares for the second harvest. As a result, the area decreased by 16.76% in relation to the 19/20 harvest and decreased by 6.89% compared to the last survey - the smallest area in the last two years.

With the delay in sowing soybeans and consequently the postponement of the oilseed harvest, the state producer had a tight planting window and, with the high costs of cotton production, many cotton farmers decided to reduce the area or even not to plant in this area. season.

In addition, even with the drop in areas in the state, the participation of the first cotton crop was higher this year (14.42%), due to the repositioning of some areas from second to first crop and the abandonment of some soybean plots that would need resemployed.

With regard to yield, lavoras have been developing as expected so far, so in view of the current scenario, productivity was maintained at 285.48 @/ha (or 4,282/kg), down 6.91% compared to to the 19/20 harvest. However, with the large percentage of areas sown outside the ideal window of cultivation and the climatic forecasts in April and May pointing to lesser rains leave doubts about the possible impact on the productivity or even on the quality of the fiber until the end of the development of the culture.

Finally, with the consolidation of the area and the maintenance of productivity, the production of the 2020/21 harvest was estimated at 4.04 million tons of cotton seed and 1.66 million tons of cotton plume, which represents a decrease of 23.30% compared to the 2019/20 harvest.

The information is included in the Crop Estimation of the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics.

By: Rodrigo Ramos | Safras & Mercado

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