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Delay in the calendar reduces cotton acreage in Mato Grosso

Posted by Rafael Moro

Pressed between the planting schedule and the delay in harvesting the soybean crop, the cotton planted area in Mato Grosso was smaller than the initial forecast, which was 12%. The drop in the cultivated area was 17% less than in the last harvest.

The president of the Mato Grosso Association of Cotton Producers (Ampa), Paulo Aguiar, explained that the excess of rain prevented the soybean harvest in the predicted period. "We had several complications in the cotton planting this year and that is why we will have an area of 950 thousand hectares of cotton for this harvest".

As many areas of this harvest came very close to the cutoff period, the producer now needs to count on more rains at least until the first half of May for the cotton harvest. "It is still too early to say how big the crop will be this year, but it is already possible to say that Mato Grosso will have a loss in productivity," explained Aguiar.

Another challenge for the producer at this time is the development of pest management and control techniques in crops. According to the president of Ampa, the control of the boll weevil is always a difficulty to be faced.

“The other diseases, despite being present, we have already developed good management for them, we managed to suppress them with ease, whether they are caterpillars, fungi, and other diseases, but the weevil is still a challenge for the producer. The pressure of the past season for this season was great in relation to the weevil ”, he explained.

Despite the current scenario, expectations for optimism are for the next crop. For the president of Ampa, what happened to soybeans this year was an atypical condition. And that, with the resumption of the world economy, the demand for cotton will increase and the area planted in the next harvest will be the same as last or a little higher.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas

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