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South American soybean crop estimated at record high

Image: Pixabay

A new survey carried out by DATAGRO Consultancy on the 2020/21 soybean harvest in South America is stating that, even lower than the last result, the oilseed harvest should be a record on the continent. The area is estimated at 61.48 million hectares, below the 61.69 mln ha of the previous survey, but 2% higher than the 60.19 mln ha of the 2019/20 season, consolidating a new historical record.

“Taking into account the larger area and general yield still close to normal, South America may have a production of 194.52 million tons, lower than the previous projection, which pointed to 196.94m tonnes, but 1% higher than the 193.10mt of the revised record for the 2019/20 harvest. The new survey brought an increase of 4% in the area to be harvested in Brazil, rising from 37.45m ha to 38.96m ha, with the potential to harvest 136.34m t, 6% increase over the 128 , 19mt of the record obtained in the past crop”, indicates the consultancy, through its press office.

Argentina's planted area is estimated at 17.10 mi ha, below the 17.30 million hectares of the previous season. “Due to the adverse climate, the area to be harvested was reduced from 17.00 mi to 16.50 mi ha. The harvest is projected at 44.00m tonnes, a loss of 11% over the previous harvest. In Paraguay, soybean planted area is projected at 3.50 mln ha, 4% higher than the 3.35 mln ha harvested in the previous season, with production of 9.00 mln t, adding the summer and winter harvests.”, He adds.

“In Bolivia, an area estimated at 1.43m ha, with a production potential of 2.90m t, 10% above the previous harvest; in Uruguay, a projected area of ​​1.10m ha and production of 2.20m tonnes”, concludes DATAGRO.

By: Leonardo Gottems | Agrolink

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