USDA: Weekly US cotton sales for the 20/21 crop jump 59%

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

Weekly US cotton sales in the 2020/21 crop, between May 14 and 20, totaled 171,2000 bales, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Thursday (27). A new weekly increase of 59%, and volume visibly higher than the average of the last four weeks.

The main destination of US sales last week was China, with 42.80 thousand bales, including exchanges of 800 bales with Hong Kong and cancellation of 1.40 thousand bales. In the 2021/22 harvest, net sales totaled 92.40 thousand bales of the North American feather, with 37 thousand bales purchased by Turkey.

Considering the two harvests, sales of 263.90 thousand bales were recorded in the week ended on May 20.

Shipments in the period totaled 323.50 thousand t, down 6% from the previous week and 9% lower than the average of the previous four weeks calculated by the USDA. Vietnam was the main destination, totaling 83.30 thousand bales.

By: Jhonatas Simião | Notícias Agrícolas