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Cold came stronger and earlier in 2021 in Brazil, says meteorologist

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

The advance of cold not only reached the South region, but also the Southeast and Midwest of Brazil. Producers are already accounting for the damage caused by frosts on Tuesday (29) and Wednesday (30). Many losses can already be accounted for with the cold that arrived earlier this year. According to the meteorologist, Luiz Renato Lazinski, “if we evaluate the data, the first cold wave arrived in February this year, there was already a record of frost on this occasion, the air masses are very strong, as we can see in this moment we are going through , not only in the South region, but in various parts of Brazil”, he stressed.

According to information from the Paraná Environmental Monitoring and Technology System (Simepar), during the night, temperatures were below 0ºC in a large part of the state, especially in the south of Paraná, which registered the lowest temperatures. In the west of the state, in the Cascavel region, thermometers registered - 1.2ºC. In Marechal Candido Rondon/PR, a region that was also hit by frost the previous night, concerns about off-season corn only increase. In Mato Grosso, in Jaciara, 148 km from Cuiabá, it woke up covered with ice this Thursday (1st), after thermometers reached 3°C.

The meteorologist also pointed out that winter will be a season in which air masses will arrive with even more intensity compared to other years. “In La Niña years or neutral years, the tendency is for the cold to extend even further, so it is important to pay attention, especially to wheat growers,” he warned.

Lazinski explains that in relation to corn, the leaves that have frozen burn. From the moment they burn, they become transparent and are no longer suitable for consumption. "What worries is the intensity and even with the advancing cold, the damage can be great in the off-season areas," he added.

According to Agrotempo projections, this Friday (02/07) the cold starts to lose strength in a large part of the country, keeping temperatures lower in the center-south region. In this way, the conditions for broad frosts, as in the last days, also decrease and are restricted only to the southern states and in the higher regions of the Southeast. However, the cold air mass prevents the formation of heavy clouds over the interior of the country, keeping the rains confined in the extreme north and northeast.

For the weekend, the weather conditions will not vary greatly. The cold will continue to lose strength, becoming less intense and more restricted to the eastern, southeastern and southern regions of the country. And in the three southern states, particularly in the higher areas, the condition for frost formation will prevail over the next few days. And the rain indicators do not point to a change in the pattern, keeping volumes restricted to the extreme North and Northeast of Brazil.

Find out how the weather is for each region:

North region
The polar air mass continues advancing over the northern region of the country causing the phenomenon of cooling, especially at dawn, in this way we will have mild temperatures in AC, in RO even in the southern half of AM and PA. And with milder temperatures and the wind blowing from south to north, conditions for rain formation are decreasing in virtually all areas of the region. These rains will be restricted to the extreme north of the AM, RR, AP and north of the PA and some punctual instabilities north of the TO. Since north of PA the blows can be locally strong.

Northeast region
The rain showers will continue to be present in the region, with less intensity compared to the previous day. These storms may occur from MA to the coast of BA, but irregularly. In the west of BA, the condition will be the predominance of dry weather. Temperatures will be high in the afternoon, especially in RN, CE, the southern half of MA and PI, and in western Bahia.

Midwest region
The cold loses strength in the region, but the day will still have a mild dawn, with temperatures close to 5°C in the south of the state of MS, with conditions for the formation of also weak frosts. In the south of MT and south of GO, the sunrise will be around 10°C. In the afternoon, the thermometers rise rapidly and may exceed 30°C north of MS, MT and western half of GO. There are no prospects for rain and the air relative humidity indexes may be below 20% between the south of GO, south of MT and throughout the state of MS.

Southeast region
Dawn will again be freezing in the southern half of the region. However, the condition for frost formation was restricted to the highest areas between the north of SP and south of MG. With the presence of the Sun, temperatures continue to rise rapidly, reaching up to 30°C in the west of São Paulo and the Minas triangle. In the eastern range, the afternoon can be mild. There are no prospects for rain in the region.

South region
The cold is still present in the southern region, but it loses intensity compared to previous days. There is a possibility of frost formation between the south of PR, central region of SC and the mountains of RS. The presence of the sun guarantees an afternoon with pleasant temperatures but there is no prospect for rain during the day.

By: Aline Merladete | Agrolink