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Winner of the Women of Agro Award is a reference in the adoption of sustainable practices

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

A reference in the adoption of sustainable practices in agriculture, Dulce Ciochetta is responsible for managing the Morena Group, from Tangará da Serra (MT), which allocates 6,900 hectares for the production of soy, corn and cattle through the Crop-Livestock-Forest Integration system (ILPF). Recognized by the Women of Agro Award in 2018 in the large property category, the farmer claims that her farm's recognition as a model of sustainability is the result of a 30-year work.

“Our learning came from a lot of investment in innovation and research in the field, in order to arrive at new forms of production in the fields. With the adoption of conservation actions and smarter management in the field, we have achieved an increase in profitability, business diversification and, above all, the sustainability of production, after all, our main input is land and soil”, he says Sweet.

Enthusiastic about the topic, Ciochetta is part of a Bayer project with the objective of building carbon neutral Brazilian agriculture, the Bayer Carbon Initiative. This year, Bayer launched PRO Carbono, a company program that offers new advantages for producers willing to increase their productivity and increase carbon sequestration in the soil through the adoption of sustainable agronomic practices, such as the intensification of direct planting or the planting of cover crops

“We are proud to be one of the properties working on implementing this initiative. We are sure that this avant-garde project will open new frontiers for the producer, not only because it is another business opportunity, but because it recognizes the work we do in the field every day”, comments the producer.

“We farmers are great preservers. About 25% of our territory is conserved. This Bayer project is important for us to show how agriculture can contribute to sustainability. We are part of the solution and not the problem”, adds Dulce.

Adoption of sustainable practices

With 61 employees, the farmer has always sought courses and lectures to improve management and for employees to resolve doubts that arise as a result of the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture. “We created the Sentinelas Forum, an initiative that encourages sustainable ideas within the field. I call teachers to address topics such as water, recycling and waste, for example. In addition, we launched the Sentinela Challenge, where our employees implement and are awarded for innovative creations related to the theme”, she stresses.

Also in terms of sustainability in production, the farm is also a reference in the reuse of rainwater. “As soon as the water falls on the roof of the shed, it goes to a system of gutters, connected to a kind of reservoir, where it is stored. This water is reused in the crop for spraying”, says the producer.

Another differential of Grupo Morena is the Lavoura Pecuária Floresta (ILPF) Integration system. 12 years ago, the farm began planting eucalyptus in areas with low soy productivity. After 8 years of this practice, cattle raising also became part of the property's diversity of cultures.

“The integration works very well. When we manage to reconcile the soybean crop with the off-season pasture, the grain productivity is higher. In addition, the planting of eucalyptus provides animal welfare”, says Dulce, who emphasizes that sustainability is a business opportunity for the farm. “Without a doubt, it is a pillar that is transformed into efficiency in the field”, she concludes.

Source: Agrolink

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