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Soybean seed brand honors women in agribusiness

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

The presence of women in agribusiness is growing. Official data show that they are responsible for 19% of rural properties in the country. However, recent surveys, such as that of the Brazilian Association of Rural Marketing and Agribusiness (ABMRA), show that this number continues to rise, reaching 30%.

Women are present in command of rural properties, of agro multinationals, at the head of the most important political portfolio in the sector, which is the Ministry of Agriculture, conducting research and providing technical advice on the activity.

Now agribusiness women receive a tribute through the launch of a soy seed brand. Ellas Genética, from SEEDCORP|HO, was officially presented to a group of female agribusiness journalists this Tuesday (27). This is a genetic brand that expands the company's germplasm bank and will follow specific characteristics. The logo brings femininity traits but without the pink stereotype; only women will work at the brand, as is the case of the team of agronomists, which has three professionals but must be expanded.

“We decided to pay tribute to women in the agro. It is a second brand, for marketing reasons, but one that celebrates the strength of women in the field”, says the company's Director of Operations, Daniel Glat.

There are four soybean varieties with IPRO technology, with resistance to cyst nematode, tolerance to herbicides, with leaf health and grain weight. They arrive, initially, in Central Brazil, but with the expectation of soon expanding to other regions of the country. The brand hopes to reach 800 to 900 thousand bags, of 200 thousand seeds each, in 5 years.

The agronomist, responsible for research and specialist in plant improvement, Michele Possobon, points out that there are varieties from the early to the later ones and a technological package that is reflected in productivity. “Soy moves a lot of resources and research, embedded packages against caterpillars, tolerance to herbicides and to have increasing potential. The brand was born with a wide maturation group, with competitiveness for the producer”, she says.

In the 2021/22 harvest, four representatives will receive two thousand bags of seeds to multiply with reference producers in their regions and research foundations. They are: Sementes Bom Jesus (MT), Cereal Ouro (GO), Sinagro (MT) and Cia.Seeds (BA). The varieties were named after women. Each licensee named one: Luiza, Elisa, Suzi and Lynda.

The investment in the new brand, adding dissemination and seed donation for producers to test this year, was in the order of R$ 1 million. With that, together, the two brands of the company, HO Genética and Ellas Genética, will concentrate 15% of the market in Brazil. It is expected that in up to three years the brand's operations will be expanded throughout Brazil and South America as well.

By: Eliza Maliszewski | Agrolink

This text was automatically translated from Portuguese.