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Abrapa renews benchmark with Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

The Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers (Abrapa) renewed its partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The two entities have operated as a benchmark since 2013, attesting to the sustainability of the Brazilian cotton industry. Brazil is the largest supplier of Better Cotton cotton in the world, with 38% of the global market.

The realignment of the protocols of the Responsible Brazilian Cotton (ABR) program and of the BCI was carried out to incorporate new global sustainability initiatives, related to integrated pest and disease management, soil health and good socioeconomic and sustainable agriculture practices. The update will be done every five years.

The new phase of the agreement was celebrated in a virtual meeting held last Friday (23), with the presence of the CEO of BCI, Alan MacClay, and the entire board of the most recognized accreditation institution for sustainable fiber in the world. Based in Switzerland, the non-governmental organization brings together on its board of directors major brands such as Nike, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Levis, H&M, among others.

“BCI is a strategic project, which has positioned our cotton in the world and has answered many consumer questions regarding how to produce in Brazil. We are great allies”, evaluated the executive director of Abrapa, Márcio Portocarrero. He also highlighted the association's commitment to the regulation and implementation of biofactories and to the encouragement of on-farm production of bioinputs in the country.

Portocarrero took the opportunity to talk about the Brazilian project to quantify carbon sequestration in cotton production, to trade credits with companies around the world. “It's the big step we're going to take in the coming years. It will be a further guarantee of sustainability and a source of income for cotton growers”, he stressed.

Alan MacClay demonstrated enthusiasm for the Brazilian initiatives. “All of this is very exciting, there is a perfect alignment of our strategies”, said the CEO of BCI. “It's interesting to see actions beyond our agreement. We have to be a learning community”, he highlighted. This is precisely the objective of the first Symposium on Big Farms at BCI, which will take place on August 11th and will bring together Brazilian and international speakers to exchange ideas and experiences on cotton farming. The event, virtual, is free and will have simultaneous translation.

Source: Notícias Agrícolas

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