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Aboissa, for 34 years connecting companies

Posted by Guilherme Bezzarro

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How the company became a reference in its sector:

Aboissa was founded in 1987 by Munir Aboissa. His father, engineer Munir Aboissa, founded De Smet do Brasil, a Belgian company leader in the manufacture of plants for the extraction and processing of oils and fats, where the founder of Aboissa started his career in 1979.

In 1984, Representações Kaufman, considered at the time one of the largest soy brokers in Brazil, began to broker the sale of factories to De Smet, and it was at this time that Munir fell in love with the brokerage business, and joined Kaufman as a trainee. His next step was to work at Corretora Mercantil, and in this opportunity Munir noticed that he could bring something more to the realm of brokers.

The foundation of Aboissa aimed to bring a new proposal to the market, with a completely different methodology for talent development, aiming at excellence in the quality of services provided. Aboissa started its activities in a 22m² room, 2 telephone lines and only 1 employee.

The company has been operating since its foundation in the same building, in Largo do Arouche, São Paulo. There are currently 14 rooms, more than 200 telephone lines, and approximately 60 employees. It has its own server and administrative structure to ensure all support for the commercial team, such as the Customer Service, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR and Shipping department.

Constantly investing in infrastructure, and in the quantitative and qualitative increase of the team, the company always stands out in the market in which it operates, and is a pioneer in the development of business opportunities.

When it turned 30, the company made a series of strategic changes: It renewed all visual communication, mission, vision, values, invested in marketing, especially digital, created more than 50 new processes, and acquired a new system (ERP, CRM and BI) which provided a gain in productivity. All these investments aim to guarantee Aboissa's value proposition, and always offer the best possible service to its customers.

It operates in more than 60 countries, with specialized teams by segment. Thanks to its strategic position in the market, it is a source of information for Reuters, Bloomberg, CMA, State Agency (Broadcast), Datagro, StoneX, among others, always looking for new partnerships that can add value to the business. It makes constant investments in the main media and fairs in the market, and encourages its team to always be close to customers, whether in meetings, fairs, technical visits or travel itineraries.

Aboissa's more than 30 years in the market provide a vast knowledge of the global production chain, experience, and a very relevant networking. So they solve in days what another company could take months or even years to solve, saving their customers' most precious asset: Time.

Remarks by the President, Munir Aboissa:

“Happy is the one who transfers what he knows, and learns with his teachings. This sentence was what guided the trajectory of 34 of Aboissa.

We feel fulfilled in transforming the lives of so many people and their families, teaching them a profession. This is true for those who follow us today, as well as for those who left to continue this path independently or in other organizations.

I'm sure they will carry our brand forever and the feeling of gratitude will be eternal, which is the greatest reward for us!”.

Remarks by the Executive Director, Ariane Aboissa:

“For me it is a source of great pride to continue my father's brilliant work. I know how hard he struggled and how many things he gave up to make Aboissa this GREAT and renowned company.

When I arrived here in 2017, it was very gratifying to hear from the market about the company's reputation and relevance, and it has been an honor to apply everything I have learned over my little more than 11 years working in multinationals in the company that bears my last name.

I've never been as professionally accomplished as I am today, and it's a real success how much we've evolved, especially in the last 4 years. I am sure that we will continue relentlessly, always seeking continuous improvement to ensure the delivery of our value proposition to employees, customers and partners.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone who was and is part of our history, and may many more years come for us to celebrate together“.