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Imea forecasts Mato Grosso's soybean area at 10.84 million ha for 2021/22

Posted by Rafael Moro

Image: Pixabay

As the next crop approaches, the Institute made the fourth estimate for the 21/22 soybean crop, containing an update on the planting intentions of producers in Mato Grosso.

In this sense, the expectation of soybean cultivated area was adjusted by 0.27% compared to the third estimate and 3.59% compared to the 20/21 season, totaling 10.84 million hectares expected for the 21/22 cycle.

The new increase in this area estimate in the state is due to better clarity of expectations on the part of regional market agents with sowing approaching, in addition to the "drivers" already reported here in recent reports, with: the availability of favorable areas for conversion to agriculture and marketed grain prices at high levels.

With regard to the regions, the biggest increase compared to the July/21 report is in the Northeast (+1.02%), which should reach 2.04 million hectares for soybean crop in the 21/22 harvest. With this increase, the region is expected to grow 5.40% compared to the 20/21 harvest, motivated by the availability of favorable areas for conversion in the region. In addition, the Northwest of the state also expanded its estimate compared to Jul/21 (+0.75%), and should grow 3.96% compared to the previous cycle.

Regarding yields, for the 21/22 season the 57.52 sacks per hectare of the previous report will be maintained, a variation of 0.17% above that observed in the 20/21 season.

Thus, if the area to be cultivated and the productivity in the state are confirmed, the oilseed production can be increased by 3.77% compared to the last season, totaling an estimate of 37.41 million tons in Mato Grosso.

The information is contained in the Crop Estimate of the Instituto Mato Grosso de Economia Agrícola.

By: Rodrigo Ramos | Safras e Mercado

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