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Minister Tereza Cristina defends diplomacy of "inputs" to ensure supply of fertilizers

Posted by Rafael Moro

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Image: Pixabay

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa), Tereza Cristina, defended, this Thursday (24), at an event at the Federal Senate, the strategy of commercial diplomacy to ensure the supply of fertilizers to Brazilian agriculture.

In her profile on social networks, Tereza Cristina said that, at the moment, it is essential to keep international channels for the supply of fertilizers open. "I made official visits to Canada, Iran and Russia (in November 2021). It is important to avoid sanctions on fertilizer exports, as well as food. We have already discussed the matter with FAO and IICA," he recalled.

In her presentation, the Minister of Agriculture mentioned the National Plan for Fertilizers, recently launched, which aims to boost domestic production and, thus, reduce dependence on imports. However, as the results should only appear in the medium and long term, maintaining imports is the solution for now. "We are not just reacting to a crisis, we are dealing with a structural, long-term problem.

We need to keep trade flowing, countries cannot restrict exports, this will increase the crisis and prices. The world expects a good harvest from Brazil. We can greatly increase our production, without changing our environmental policies. The moment is one of crisis, but also of opportunity for Brazilian agriculture."

This text was translated by machine from Brazilian Portuguese.