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Germany signals it can reduce dependence on Russian oil sooner than expected

Posted by Rafael Moro

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Image: Pixabay

Robert Habeck, Germany's vice-chancellor and economy minister, signaled today (27) that his country can get rid of dependence on Russian oil ahead of schedule a month ago - at the time, he had said it would take until the end of 2022 to for Germany to end its dependence on oil from Russia.

Habeck said on Wednesday that an embargo on the Russian energy commodity could be "manageable" for Germany, noting that the German government could completely get rid of Russia's oil within days. "A problem that seemed very big a few weeks ago is now much smaller.

Germany has come much closer to independence from Russian oil," Habeck said. Before the war in Ukraine, Germany imported 35% of its oil from Russia, however, since the beginning of the Russian offensive against Ukrainian territory, the Germans have reduced the volume to 12%. "We need alternatives," said Habeck, referring to the search for new suppliers. "Developing an alternative will be the task of the next few days", he added.

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