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Wheat planting in Argentina is brought forward due to low rainfall in May - BCR

Posted by Rafael Moro

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Producers advance wheat planting due to the possibility of low rainfall in May and with adjusted moisture levels in the core region.
in the core region. Lack of water is a major concern for planting the projected 1.53 M ha, 10% less than in 2021.

According to the Rosario Stock Exchange's (BCR) Guía Estratégica para el Agro (GEA) report, the first to start were producers with a lot of hectareage who, due to logistics, need to get a head start.

"The autumn rains were the kick-off for wheat planting and one of the main causes of the success of wheat 21/22. This year, the probabilities of repeating that event in the rest of May average only 10% in the region and towards the northwest they reach only 20%", warned from the BCR.

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