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Have ethanol prices in the Center-South already reached the lowest mark for the year?

Posted by Rafael Moro

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Por: Pixabay

The latest figures released by the União da Agroindústria Canavieira do Estado de São Paulo (Unica) show that the milling operations for the 2022/23 crop in the Center-South region of Brazil are still behind schedule, although they have advanced with a mix more focused on the production of ethanol.

According to the DATAGRO Price-Reporting Agency (PRA), the price of hydrous ethanol closed the last week with a rise of 3.0%, while anhydrous ethanol accumulated a small retraction of 0.8%. Despite the fact that sugarcane crushing in the Center-South registers a moderate recovery in 2022/23, the market has priced a series of elements that tend to keep the ethanol supply and demand picture well adjusted this season.